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The Outdoor-Vault

Spinsafe protects your valuables safely from occasional theft at the lake, the open-air swimming pool, while surfing or at the festival campsite.

We want you to have #oneworryless this summer.

We're working to make sure you won't have to worry about getting your valuables stolen at leisure activities out on the lawn. Whether at the swimming lake, in the park or at the festival: our outdoor vault reliably protects your mobile phone, money and keys from occasional theft. The protection is rounded off by our alarm protection app supplied. If the smartphone is in the safe, the app registers when someone tampers with it using the accelerometer. If there is an attempt to steal, the smartphone warns you and other people around with a shrill alarm.

Spinsafe in use



Spinsafe protects your mobile phone and valuables from rain and splashing water.

Light and portable

Spinsafe weighs less than 500g and can be easily stowed in the backpack or attached to it with a carabiner.

Secure theft protection

Spinsafe creates a firm connection to the ground because of the specially designed screw for gras areas. The safe cannot easily be removed due to missing points of action. Your valuables are safe from casual theft.


Spinsafe will cost significantly less than 100 € including the alarm app and a combination lock and can protect all your valuables.

Attachment of other objects

A steel cable lock can be pulled through the upper eyelet to attach your bike or a backpack. You can even leash your dog on it.

Secure your valuables at festivals

With Spinsafe you no longer have to leave your valuables unprotected in the tent. Simply screw your Spinsafe in the soil in front of your tent and your valuables are safe.

Even safer with our app

If your smartphone is in the safe, our app will notice if someone is trying to reach for it using the accelerometer and warns you.

Leaves no trace

After unscrewing, the hole caused by Spinsafe can be closed by two footsteps.

Made in Germany

The Spinsafe is developed, manufactured and assembled in Germany.

Made of recycled material

For the bottom screw we use recycled plastic. This is in no way inferior to new plastic and protects the environment. We also ensure a high level of recycled material in packaging.

What are our next steps?

Thanks to your help, we were able to carry out a successful crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. The money collected helped us enormously to make the Spinsafe a reality.

In April, our supporters received their ordered Spinsafes on time. Our online shop is now open as well. There you can secure your own Spinsafe. Finally the uncertain feeling whether your valuables in the tent or in the shoe are really safe has come to an end.

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The Team behind Spinsafe

Gero Kraus

Gero Kraus



I am Gero Kraus, 26 years old and I come from the beautiful Bavaria. In 2017 I completed my master's degree in computer science in Leipzig. I recently moved to Brunswick to work full-time with Dennis on the Spinsafe. In my spare time I play basketball, ride my mountain bike and also like to surf. The latter, by the way, I won't be doing without our Spinsafe again in the future. Dennis and I are giving everything, so you can do the same too soon. We met in 2011 in the Yukon (Canada) as work colleagues and have been best buddys since then. Now I am happy - as a fresh digital native - to be able to help him to market the idea of the Spinsafe online. If you have any questions or suggestions about our website or our presence in the social media, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Dennis Zappi

Dennis Zappi



My name is Dennis Zappi, I've been around for 35 years now and I was born and raised in the beautiful district of Gifhorn in Lower Saxony. As an engineer and designer I recently completed a part-time Master's programme in the field of innovation management at Ostfalia Wolfenbüttel. My hobbies are volleyball, fitness and inventing helpful things. Like the Spinsafe, the new outdoor vault for you. We would like to improve it together with you and therefore ask for your help. If you have any questions or suggestions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact me. We care about the safety of your valuables and together with you we can make the Spinsafe even safer and better.

Frequently asked questions

Does the Spinsafe do harm to the lawn?

Spinsafe leaves only a small hole, which can be closed by a few footsteps. The lawn does not suffer any damage.

Where can I buy the Spinsafe?

You can buy the Spinsafe in our Online-Shop.

Can't the Spinsafe be loosened by shaking so it can be pulled out of the ground?

A conventional meadow is so firmly grown together and compacted that it provides the Spinsafe an extremely good hold. We have already been able to confirm this through tests on the series product.

Is Spinsafe also suitable for sandy beaches?

The current screw is not designed for sandy beaches. With market acceptance, however, we would like to develop an appropriately designed solution for this application.

Is Spinsafe really waterproof?

The Spinsafe is splashwater proof and keeps your mobile phone and valuables dry even in the rain.

How does the app work?

You can start the app by placing your mobile phone in the Spinsafe. This uses sensor data from the mobile phone to detect violent force against the Spinsafe. When it is registered, and thus when a potential theft attempt is detected, a shrill alarm is triggered via the smartphone's speakers. Depending on the settings of the app, the vibration alarm can also be triggered to make carrying the safe even more conspicuous.


Logo Allianz für die Region

We won 4th place in the Allianz für die Region 2017 ideas competition in Brunswick.


From March 2018 to February 2019, we received an EXIST start-up grant from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

Logo Borek Digital

At the borek.digital Pitch Night #2/2018 we could secure the 1st place of the regional start-ups.